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August 25, 2008


kathy Tumminaro

Thanks for the smile and laugh. Sadly- I can relate to everything listed. HAHA!

Sandy Alperstein

I'm literally laughing out loud here - how do you come up with this stuff, Lori?? Love it!!


Daunna Minnich


When I was a kid, we were a meat and potatoes household.  No complaint there — meat and potatoes for dinner kept us happy.  Occasionally, out of the blue, my mom would feel inspired to make a banana cake, turning an ordinary day into a red letter day: Dessert!

Lori, when your humor appears out of the blue, it's like dessert to Charlie's meat and potatoes.  Thank you both, Charlie and Lori, for the tasty food for thought that your blog puts on my table.  I sigh with satisfaction after each meal.…   And wouldn't you know it, pretty soon I find myself hungry for more!

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Thanks for the great article and support for parents. I wanted to let you know that I have included this article in "What We Are Reading" on www.schoolpsychologistfiles.blogspot.com

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