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June 24, 2008


Sandy Alperstein

Thanks for posting this, Charlie! Today (Tues, 6/24) is National Call-In Day for this bill, but even if people can't call today, they should at least email and then try calling tomorrow if they can. It only takes a couple of minutes to call, and even less to email. The more support we have, the better!

Stephanie Nuttall

I have a Question. What can I do if I am disabled and I feel Like I am discriminated against?

Ed. Contact your local EEOC, ADA enforcement office or a private attorney in your area who practices in this area. Look to the local bar association for some guidance.


George H. Bush's George H. Bush's son Neil was diagnosed with dyxselia and I have heard he has admited to having dyxselia himself. George W. Bush has stated he does not have it. However he did sign the ADA amendment. While I am a dem and voted for Obama and know that Tom Harkin and other dems pushed this legislation a lot. I have to say the Bush's did something right they both signed the ADA. ADA and it's amendment is one of the largest bipartism legislation, so on this forum shouldn't we show that same unity? Was this answer helpful?

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