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June 22, 2007


Sandy Alperstein

Lori, this is one of the funniest pieces ever! So clever! Thanks!!


I just posted a tribute on my blog. Love. This.

Sad in Gurnee

While I truly appreciate the clever wording of this and all the other parodies by Lori,it saddens me to know that many parents feel this way. I work in the school system and these posts undermine of all of us who work so hard to support our students within the classroom. If there are specific issues with specific districts or district staff, state it as such. PLEASE don't lump us all into one as uncaring and incompetent!

Charles Fox

Dear Sad in Gurnee: Lori went out of her way to acknowledge and to recognize the hard working and dedicated people who have been in our son's life over the years. Why is it that criticism or humor against some is always "undermining" and unfair to all even with these qualifiers. Continue working hard but there are many who cause huge amounts of frustration and fail to act appropriately. These parodies just do not happen to refer to you.

Charlie Fox

A Parent

I can't give my name, because we haven't quite left the district yet. Suffice it say, right now I look at it like trying to get out of an abusive relationship. We have a plan. If we can stay focused and out of harm's way we will be out by fall.

Lori--thank you so much for the lift, and for Sad in Gurnee--yes, it hasn't all been bad. I have tried whenever possible to acknowledge the individual help we have received. However, within a dysfunctional system--like many districts--good individuals are not enough. They have to be willing to stand up and change the structural problems.

I remember the teacher who cried at an IEP meeting--all the other parents told her to just write down whatever she thought was right and they would sign it, because they trusted her. I tried to explain that needing to having a clear IEP wasn't about trust or not trust. I couldn't trust that she would be my son's teacher in a year. As it turned out, she wasn't.

I would also point out to Sad, the number of teacher comments--in blogs and elsewhere (I have even heard them at school Open Houses)--that dump responsibility for school underperformance on parents--or on students with disabilities.

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