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February 20, 2007



Is it any wonder that so many parents of autistic children choose to home school them.
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Shannon Munford M.A.

Anaheim, California

Police confiscated a video clip of a caretaker slapping two mentally challenged men at a vocational rehabilataiton center.

The caretaker was arrested for investigation of felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor dependent abuse.

I understand caring for special ed children can be physically and emotionally stressful.

As caregivers, behavior management technicians, vocational trainers, respite care providers can express their frustration in verbal and sometimes physical aggression.

Often parents of children with developmental delays may have problems managing their anger due to exhaustion, fear and guilt.

Anger management classes are effective as they focus on stress management, emotional intelligence and communication.

Anger Management classes also provide a support system for those caring for family with challenging behavior.

Business owners who employ staff to care for mentally challenged consumers may find it in there best interest to require employee to particpate in anger management classes.

Shannon Munford


I think that there are many people not properly trained in its use. Then they use it as a quick fix!

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