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January 31, 2007



Charles and Lisa, thank you so much for writing these posts. I've put links to them at the parents' forum at SchwabLearning,



I wish that my principal would read this article. I may just put an annoynomous copy in her mail box. Just this year she has mandated that everyone in our school change their teaching methods to fit into a Guided Reading format. I am about to lose it! So I came online to research my concerns. Everything you state supports my beliefs about students and their understanding of text!


In my school we are introducing an intervention program that will build decoding strategies that are prerequisites for developing reading fluency and comprehension. The teachers are currently in the process of training. It is a program that is very structured. We look forward to watching the progress our students who struggle with phonics and phonemic awareness. I hope this intervention will accelerate learning as you mentioned with the O-G programs.

Leslie Medows

has anyone heard of a program called Language to help older students who have dyslexia


We are starting a program that is similar to the O-G programs mentioned above. We are beginning this program with Freshmen in an effort to counteract the decreasing reading abilities of the students coming into the high school each year. This program was started late and with only a fraction of teachers buying in to the program. I am in hopes that this program will prove a success and provide proof of the need to support the basics in reading at every level.

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