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April 20, 2006


Kathy Hybl

I totally agree that many students get misidentified. One reason I feel that this happens (besides being easier as mentioned on this post) is that poorer families do not have the financial resources to go to specialists or lack insurance to get a proper dx. I know that there are minority children who have been labeled MR but feel that they are autistic; however, I am not a doctor and therefore, I can't dx.

It is really too bad that schools do not have developmental docs on staff right along with the school nurse.

Sherry Hollis

I have heard in many cases, and for my own dd, that schools don't want to overuse the EBD label because this is 'easier' for them. In our case they did this to ignore the real learning problems. This happens all over the country.
Thank God I'm homeschooling now.

Jan Klein

So, what can be done if a student who was identified as MR as a fifth grader...new to the country...was now found to be "cured" of MR? What steps need to be taken to save this child?


what happens when a child with an ability of 74 gets labeled SLD?


Schools do not want everyone to know about the many services that are available to the disabled child. This will only cost more money. The more they can stroke or appease the families the less money they have to spend. It is sad to see so many children not getting the services they need to succeed because the families believe and trust the school system. Thus, the child gets missed labeled by the school system and never truly gets the services they need. In the end the school saves money and child suffers.

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