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September 23, 2005


Kathy Whitson

Thank you Charlie Fox for putting this information out there. I wish I had it 2 years ago. However, I have several friends whose children will benefit from the knowledge, and I will pass it on!

I am a case worker and attend IEPs with families. I am very offended that you state men must attend these meetings. The reality is that the meetings are primarly run by women. In today's society women have left the kitchens and are working in all areas. Yes, adminstration continues to have more men than women but to say a women can't hold her own is absurd.


I am a parent with years of IEP experience. This is the best short list of IEP how-to's I've read after countless hours of internet research. By the way, I disagree strongly with last commenter about having men present. It's crucial if a man is close within and present in the child's life. Women (most often team members of IEP) perceive male comments not with more value, but differently. That's invaluable when the conversation around IEP children often encompasses the narrow definitions of the special ed system and the "made-to-order" views of some who administer within it. Great points!

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