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Wow- I didn't know you did guardian ship too. :)When on earth do you find time to relax? Keep up the great work. and ..



Attorney Fox, I remember calling you reagrding my daughter who was 5 at that time and how the school district would not provide for her. Needless to say because of this we added another burden to our lifes and moved to another surburb. This district has provided for her. But the reason I write this is because you told me one thing that I will never forget and I always pass it on to other parents. You told me "Never, never, let teachers be dream busters, they try, but don't ever let them". And Attorney Fox that statement to me has held great strength in my husband and I through this great journey and fight for our daughter's education. Even though this district is now good for her, the first day we met with the director of special services I overhear her say to the office secretary, "we just can't keep taking this kind of kids in". I became nauseous. But to avoid further stress and possible regestion for our daughter to attend, I did not respond to this very hurtful comment.

What I would like to ask you is your opinion on another hurtful comment that was made by a newly hired special services director. Apparently he was a teacher for emotionally disturbed children. He comes to this district stating he will help "some very fragile children and their parents". How dare him call our children fragile. Fragile in its definition means BROKEN. Our children are not broken. They are as strong as their parents. We are their backbone in this world and my backbone is strong. I only wish I had the words to rebut this comment of our children. Any advice?

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