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I need to find an attorney to help me get my child out of special ed? I am in Austin Texas. Can someone help me please?

Magda Ramos

I live in the state of California and I'm having a major issues with the bus company that is providing transportation for my 8 year son this new school year.I need to know if there is a law concerning the amount of time a child has to spend on a bus ride home from school. My son is on the bus for over 1 and 30 minutes. Is this legal? Can the transportation company get away with this legally?
Please help!

Donna Schanel

I have worked on a child study team in several different school districts. Each district tends to do things a bit differently. This is my concern and question. I conduct an annual review meeting to plan for a student for the following school year. If the annual review is scheduled for a date in April 2011 and I help develop an IEP for the school year 2011-2012, dated Implementation: 9/1/2011-6/30/2012, is that IEP good through 6/30/2012? There seems to be some discrepency about the "annual review" date and whether the IEP is effective from date of meeting to the following year, date of meeting: OR if the IEP planned for in April but projected for Sept-June of the following school year meets the one year IEP law. As it goes right now, we are having our meetings in March and April...planning an IEP effective from Sept-June of the coming school year, but having to do a meeting to extend the IEP to the end of the year (due to the previous meeting date)and then we plan another meeting to create the IEP for the next school year. It seems to me that if we have to do this, then we should just make our IEP effective dates meeting to meeting, include two programs, a current program and projected program...and be done with it. What is the law on this? I have many of your books and CDs but cannot seem to get clarity on this. Thank you.

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