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I am in special education classes, I am looking for a lawer to help me improve my education, i am in 10 and 11 grade. So if i can get some one to help me go to court to get into privet school. becouse they abuses my education and also they use me to get paid alot of money and they aint doing any thing to help improve my education. Could you take the case i dont have money if you win the case or sue them you would get half please contact me back think you


MR Fox
I have a 10 yr old child in the 5th grade, public school in Lake County. He is a bright boy with good grades and good behavior. He was pyschically abused by a recess supervisor employed by the school back in late Oct 2006 which caused severe emotional distress. He could barely make it through school. We have asked for the incident report to take to the police several times and the school will not provide it. Because of the emotional and mental distress we elected to pull him out of the school after the first of the year and place him in private school. Because of his emtional downfall we were hesitant to report it to the police before but now we all want closure. The District has been very unkind towards him and the Principal was making this his problem by montitering his every move at school over the last two months and threatening truency becuase he was so ill with depression over this. Because he is now safe in another school, we want to know what our rights are. We have pictures of the abuse and a call record to his doctor. Can you help on this or at least provide us with some direction on where to go? Thank you
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