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December 28, 2006


Sandy Alperstein

You've really got a way with words, Lori! Thanks!

Daunna Minnich

You know what I like best about this list? —That I can't choose which toast I like best!

Denise Bohn

Charlie and Lori,
Just read all of the recent posts - well said and beautifully written, as usual!


Wow. What a post. I get it. You regard school personnel as the lowest of the low. It's sad that the time you spent writing that post couldn't have been spent on something that would give all of us (parents AND school personnel) some hope, encouragement, and excitement for the new year. As informational as I used to find this website, I won't be visiting it anymore.

Charles Fox

Psych95: I am sorry you will not be back. The toasts were meant to be in good humor, apparently you did not see it that way. You have to admit that the humor taps the well of frustration that parents feel with some (not all) school personnel.

Happy New Year to you !

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